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Due to our superior document and financial skills, the companies we work for have earned very high marks for delivering top quality business plans and presentations. We create great looking Business Plans and presentations that can be used to assist with Bank Financing, SBA Loans, Investment Funding, Grant Funding and the general purpose of being able to forecast your market and where your company is going.

1. Business Plan Services

IMG offers businesses and not-for-profits a very high-quality business plan that gets you in the door to banks, government lending agencies, investment firms and grant-making foundations and agencies. This is a great choice to use your track record to help you publicize your organization to others and give them a comprehensive understanding of your business or institution. Business Plans are customized for the client’s needs.

2. Debt Financing Services

IMG offers packaging and processing services for SBA Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Short Term Financing and Factoring for businesses and not-for-profit organizations.We are Certified SBA Loan Consultants and with the change in the SBA law last October, the SBA has become one of the largest funding sources for small businesses and start-ups.

The problems in the past with obtaining SBA Loans were the time to funding, 6 - 8 months, and the application process, 40 - 50 pages long with no one helping the small business owner. With the new law, a deal can be funded in as little as 60 - 90 days and as a loan packager, we can prepare the loan package, submit directly to qualified SBA lending institutions and negotiate with the banks on behalf of your company. The application fees are set by the government so you do not have to shop around for cost as we are all under the same guidelines.

3. Equity Funding Services

IMG offers packaging and processing services for Equity Funding. IMG will prepare a full funding package, including a Credit Memorandum outlining the business and funding needs.

4. Grant Funding Services

IMG will prepare a Business Plan and Supplemental Documents for Grant Funding. Once the client receives a Request for Proposal (RFP), IMG will complete and customize the grant proposal.

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