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international Marketing Group can open exciting new areas of opportunity for you and your business. Whether you are looking for the funds to start a business, help your existing business grow and expand, make improvements or simply obtain additional working capital, international Marketing Group provides the Services  to help your company Succeed.

We Develop Your Business Plan For You, So You Raise Money and Grow a Successful Company 

Did you know that Bank Loan Officers, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors have very specific demands for the way they want and expect a business plan to look?

Did you know that if any part of your business plan doesn't match what they want or what they are used to, they will REJECT your application? They won’t look again and they certainly won’t invest.

Did you know that most business plans NEVER receive a single dollar of funding?

Do you know how to avoid the critical flaws that practically guarantee that any potential investor looking at your business plan will lose interest in the first few pages and feel the high-risk fears from your idea, even if they had interest previously?

And finally, do you know that even when they raise capital, most businesses fail within several years?

If you are in need of a great business plan to get your company off the ground or to the next level, you have come to the right place.

WHY? Because international Marketing Group has a track record of developing a business plan that is informative and capable of captivating the attention of the decision makers who will be evaluating your company’s request for funding, enabling you to raise the capital necessary to transform your entrepreneurial visions into a successful operating business.

Iinternational Marketing Group consults with the clients to properly assess the needs of their company to prepare a well-formulated individualized business plan for any organization, from a start-up to well-established, existing corporations. We professionally format a business plan to be visually appealing and attractive for Banks, Venture Capital sources, Investors, Government Grant Agencies, Foundations for Grant Funding or any other viable source to meet the funding requirements of the client.

If it is a business plan, loan packaging and presentationn or simply back-end of the house recommendations, international Marketing Group has the capability to help you obtain the funding you are seeking.

Let Us Do The Work!

It takes knowledgeable and business-educated entrepreneurs 300 hours or more to complete the research, writing, editing and financial statements to prepare a standard business plan according to the SBA (Small Business Administration). At international Marketing Group, our full-time writers, editors, researchers and financial experts with practical experience work on your plan. From the initial questions, data, design and plan publication, most projects can be drafted within one week.

In addition, our knowledgeable staff can help you address the additional business services you need, including financing, incorporation, bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, benefits and insurance.

Don‘t wait – Contact Us before spending valuable time and effort preparing and submitting a business plan for your planning and financing needs.


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